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Over Fifty Titles - Great Reviews - Lots of Free Sample Chapters

Visit Caffeine Books for info... read half (the Bookstore Metaphor) at Galley City.


Caffeine Books: Over fifty titles with over a million words (sample chapters) to read free. Years of positive reviews (Ray Bradbury, Library Journal review for Robinson Crusoe 1,000,000 A.D. SF novel, Kirkus, Best Thrillers, and more!) Links point to Galley City.


Galley City: Better yet: the Bookstore Metaphor: each novel links to Galley City (another of my websites) where you can read half free and if you like it, buy the whole e-book for the price of a cup of coffee, safe & quick & secure at Amazon. I've been an Amazon Affiliate in good standing for over twenty years. 


John T. Cullen's Webplex: 24+ linked sites including Clocktower Books (publishing online since 1996; ITW-recognized publisher. Historical info at the Clocktower Books Museum (linked) including 1990s pioneer HTML novels that drew raves from fans/readers around the world.

Author of CON2: The Generals of October
Acclaimed Constitution Thriller - Relevant to Our Times

Ripped From Tomorrow's Headlines:


Among my 50+ titles, today's highlight: My Acclaimed Constitution Thriller (political thriller) about our next and most terrifying crisis in modern U.S. history: a Second Constitutional Convention, based on Article V (must never happen!).


Inspired by Seven Days in May, The Parallax View, Three Days of the Condor, and more... sweeping mystery, thriller, romantic novel... with terrifying subtext. My strategy when I wrote this prophetic thriller in the 1990s was to not write a dry thesis or academic article, but a rousing thriller you can enjoy on all levels... the political and philosophical subtext will be disturbingly evident to perceptive readers. More info at Caffeine Books and Galley City.